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CT Front Office Procedures - English

Early Dismissal Request Policy

  • The most efficient way to ensure a timely student dismissal is to notify the front office in advance with a signed parent/guardian note before the start of the school day. The signed parent note will need to include the name of the person who will be picking up the student and the time of pick up.
  • The student will be issued a dismissal pass from the front office to present to the teacher at the time of dismissal and will come to the front office to meet the designated pick up person. If it is a last minute appointment or situation, please call the Front Office to request a dismissal pass for the student.
  • The Parent/Guardian or designated person must have some form of ID and must sign the student out in the dismissal log.
  • Parent/Guardian or designated person must appear as a contact on AERIES Parent Portal. There are no exceptions. This is for the protection of ALL students.
  • If a student provides his/her, own transportation and needs to be released during the school day, a signed parent/guardian note to notify the front office before the start of the school day is required. A dismissal pass is issued to the student to show to the teacher for dismissal. Dismissal pass must be turned in to the front office and student must sign out in the dismissal log.

Our dismissal procedures are designed for the safety and protection of every student and to minimize the interruption of valuable and required instructional minutes. Please familiarize yourselves with our bell schedule and your students’ class schedule. Students go to a Tutorial at the end of each school day and will need a dismissal note for this period as well. The same applies for P.E.; they are out at the campus black top/field and locating them for an unplanned dismissal can be both difficult and time consuming.

Absence Procedures
(This applies to all absences; Excused and Verified Unexcused Absences)

  • A doctors, parent note or phone call from the parent/guardian to the front office is required for student readmission to class/school and to clear the absence.
  • Attendance personnel will need the date and reason for absence. Absence will remain “unexcused” until this information is provided. Students cannot stay at home for individual class periods throughout the day as selected by the parent.
  • An automated phone call to the students’ home is placed if absence is not cleared.
  • Students may not participate in after school activities is they have been absent on that same day.

    *Excused Absences/Late Arrivals: Medical appointments, illness or death in the immediate family.

Tardiness Procedures

  • Students arriving to school after the bell has rung are “tardy” and must report to the front office window with Parent/Guardian before reporting to class.
  • Parent/Guardian must sign the “Tardy” Log and student will be issued a late pass to class.

    *Accumulated and recurring late arrivals will require disciplinary action. Students who exceed three (3) same period tardy will be assigned a teacher detention. Three (3) or more school wide period tardy will result in a Lunch or after school detention. Parent will receive a notification call for a next day after school detention. Multiple and recurring school wide absences and tardy will lead to an Attendance Contract or, a SARB (School Attendance Review Board / Education Code (EC) Section 48320) referral will be issued.

Change of Address

It is extremely important that parents report a change in address or phone numbers to the Front Office as soon as possible. Up to date information is crucial in the event of any emergencies, natural disasters, illness or school/district mail communications.

Student Deliveries

It is the student's responsibility to remember all necessary scholastic items such as P.E. clothes, binders, books, iPads, lunches and assignments and not to call parents to bring missing items/supplies to school.

  • Any emergency “Drop Off” items will need to be placed on the “Drop Off” table to the right of the office entrance. Items can be placed on the table through the gate. IPads must be brought inside to the Front Office.
  • Student can be paged at break time only for item pick up. We are not able to page students at lunchtime. Please make and review arrangements with the student at home the night before or that morning if lunch or other items will be dropped off for them at the table.

    *No deliveries can be made to students during instructional time.

Student Purchases

P.E. clothes, replacement Binder Reminders and Notebooks can be purchased by our students at Break or Lunchtime daily at the Front Office Window. Please write checks out to “Columbus Tustin Middle School” or provide your student with exact dollar amount of purchase whenever possible, as we do not always have monetary change readily available. Student will receive a receipt for their purchase. Spirit Wear can be purchased from our “Student Store” and Yearbooks from our Yearbook Advisor.

Messages for Students

No messages will be delivered to students during instructional/class time unless there is a family emergency. Any changes for the end of school day schedules, rides homes, etc. should be arranged with the student at home prior to the start of the school day or the night before. If extenuating circumstances call for a communication with the student during the school day, the student will be called to the Office Window at break time and/or at the end of school day. We are not able to page students at lunchtime.

Nurses Office Visits

Students are not to call parent/guardian from their cell phones while on campus to say they are ill and not feeling well.

  • All students must get a teacher pass and come to the Nurses Office first to report symptoms or ailments. The Nurse/Health Clerk must evaluate condition or concerns before contacting the parent/guardian.
  • If needed, student will call parent from the Nurses office and parent may speak with the Nurse if requested.
  • If student will be going home, the designated person for pick up must be listed as a contact on the AERIES Parent Portal.
  • Designated person must provide an ID and sign student out in the “Dismissal Log”.

*Reminder: Students are not permitted to use cell phones while on campus. Cell phone will be confiscated and a parent will have to retrieve the cell phone at the end of the school day from the Assistant Principal or Front Office personnel. Cell phone policy will be reviewed with parent and the student.

Medications at School

All and any prescribed medications required by a student throughout the school day must be checked in with the school Nurse/Health Clerk.

  • A Doctor’s form for the prescription will need to be completed and stamped by the students Doctor.
  • Students that require carrying meds on them throughout the school day will also need a Doctors form to indicate that requirement.
  • Forms are available at the Front Office.

After School

CT offers after school Teacher assistance to our students and hosts a Tutoring Program from a District approved vendor. We are not able to page any students during this time as it causes distraction and interruption to these important instructional support systems. Please remember to discuss/review after school “pick up” plans and locations with your students the night before or in the morning and often, if needed, to establish routine and responsibility with your student. We are happy to assist in case of an emergency.

AERIES Parent Portals

All parents have a Parent Portal. This system allows parents to update information, check students grades and assignments and contact teachers via email. This teacher email accessibility is your gateway to basic answers and resolution to any questions or concerns that involve your student and the teacher. We encourage our parents to confer with the teacher first to help resolve any questions or doubts the student or parent might have.

Campus Visits

Our campus is a “closed” campus. All visitors are required to check in with the front office staff and have to sign in the Visitor Log. If you feel you need to visit/observe your student’s classroom, arrangements must be made with the Principal and the student’s teacher at least three days in advance. Parents must identify themselves to Administration or a counselor prior to entering campus. There is a 20-30 minute window available for these visits. These classroom observations/visits are limited to no more than two (2) per month.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and consideration. All school policies are in place for the protection of every student. We are an office with a multitude of diverse, daily tasks and our mission is to run efficiently and with attention to every detail for the benefit of our 600+ students and their families.